Typical setups of views and dashboards

Custom graphical reports samples and use cases

Typical project backlog consists of features, user stories and tasks. Bugs and epics may also participate in it. To create a better backlog overview with all entities shown together and provide ability to manage work effectively we created two solutions:

Cards on views for different types of entities in Targetprocess have colored strips on their left side. For instance, User Stories have a light blue strip, Bugs have a red one, and Requests are indicated with yellow. However, sometimes the

Creating a View that displays items assigned to you. Add-ins that display your personal ToDo list in other tools

Working with personal ToDo list being concurrently a member of several projects or teams

The usual questions every Project Manager asks herself in the morning are these: What did we accomplish yesterday? Are there any new requirements from the customer? How did our team members spend their time yesterday, and were there

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