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Board View mode

There are four ways of data visualization in Targetprocess 3: Board view, Detailed view, List view, and Timeline view. Once you have configured your view, you can quickly switch between all these modes to choose the most suitable one.

Board is a core concept in Targetprocess 3. With boards you can extract, present and group data using vertical and horizontal lanes (Columns and Rows).

Board View mode. Image 1

You can swap vertical and horizontal lanes really fast, visualizing the same data in a different way. Moreover, you can set filters for the lanes. For example, you've created a board that shows user stories grouped by features. There are quite many features, but you need to see just the open features. You can quickly create a filter showing only the open features in rows.

Missing Entities?! Check your filters. Sometimes even entities created in a view will disappear due to filtering. Context, view filters, and lane filters determine which data set appears in a given view. A view is just an expression of selected data, make sure your choices reflect what you want to see.

Board View mode. Image 2

Let's work with a user story entity (card). You can create quite many boards, each highlighting a certain property. So, you've chosen user stories as cards and now you're selecting a vertical lane. Here are the choices:

  • Iteration: it will be an iteration plan. You will see the upcoming iterations, and you will be able to move stories to these iterations.
  • Release: a release plan.
  • State: a kanban board.
  • Priority: a priorities board where you can set business values for user stories with drag and drop.
  • Effort: an estimation board where you can quickly change effort for user stories.
  • Feature: a story map that will help you create backlog with features and user stories quickly.
  • Person: a work-by-person board.
  • Project: user stories broken down by projects.
  • Team: user stories broken down by teams.
  • Tags: tags are very flexible, so you can do very interesting things with this board.
  • Custom Field: you can group user stories by any custom field you've created. The applications are limitless.

That's the diversity we have with just one swimlane. But you can tune both horizontal and vertical lanes. Now imagine how many boards you can create. Thousands of them.

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