Bug trends and dynamics report

In Visual Reports it is possible to create a report displaying bug trends or dynamics: count of opened vs closed bugs over particular time period.

The report can be grouped by high-level planning entity such as Sprint (Iteration), Release, Feature, Epic and Project.

Here is how the report can be built:

Data Source: Bugs


X axis: WEEK(CreateDate) and WEEK(End Date)


You can group entities by DAY, WEEK, MONTH and YEAR on X axis.

Y axis: Count of records.


Trends in the report can be additionally grouped by high-level planning entity. For example, it is possible to split bugs by release. We'll add Release field to Y axis for this purpose.


You can use Line or Stacked Bar mode for your chart. Here is how Stacked Bar chart looks like for the same data set:


In order to filter data by Create Date, End Date or high-level planning entity you're welcome to append Filter to the data source.

Examples of Filters:

?CreateDate >= '01-Jan-2017'
?EndDate >= '01-Jan-2017'

More info on filters:

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