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How to migrate or import data to Targetprocess from other project management systems

If you’re moving data to Targetprocess from any other project management system, here are a couple of tricks which can make your life easier.

You don’t have to add all data manually. Instead, we recommend exporting the data from your project management tool to files, then importing the files into Targetprocess. The preferred method of export is CSV or plain text files.

After importing your data to Targetprocess, your systems won't be connected by default. Changes made in your old system won't be reflected in Targetprocess and vice versa. Should you require continuous synchronization of data between both your existing system and Targetprocess, consider setting up a data connector such as Tasktop SyncZapier, or another custom integration instead of a one-time export and import action.

Data model mapping

Most likely, data models in your existing tool and in Targetprocess are different. When data is exported, the next step is to choose what object type in your existing system will be represented by what entity, field, or relation in the Targetprocess Data Model. At the same moment you should choose what objects entities, fields and relations are "must have" for migration and which ones can be omitted or added later manually.

Data model mapping

Use our helpful Glossary when needed. Discuss your decisions with your dedicated Product Specialist or Solutions Architect from the Targetprocess team.

Available methods

Batch import of data to Targetprocess can be performed with the help of multiple methods or combinations of them:

MethodLevelSupported entity types, fieldsNotes and recommendations
Quick Add Several Work Items mashupBasicOnly most common types of entities,

Name field only

Import a plain list of tasks. Create a list of users. Stable work with up to 100 entities per single file.
CSV importIntermediateCommon types of entities,

multiple fields

Import hierarchical backlog, test cases. Stable work with up to 1000 entities per single file.
Batch actionsIntermediateCommon types of entities,

multiple fields

You cannot create new entities with Batch actions, but they are extremely helpful when you have to apply a similar modification to multiple entities at once.
REST APIAdvancedAlmost any type of entity,

almost any field

Import hierarchical backlogs, sprints and releases, time sheets, test plans, relations, comments, projects, teams and users. Stable work with up to 500 entities per single API call. During import of large backlogs, make split API calls with throttling.
Assistance of Targetprocess developersProficientAny type of entity,

any field

Import whole dataset, including attachments (uploaded files).

Negotiate terms of such assistance with our Sales department.

Choosing between these options is a matter of personal preferences, supported capabilities, priorities, skills, available time, and budget.

Preserve numeric IDs

During creation, new numeric IDs are assigned to all your entities in Targetprocess, and there is no way to preserve the numbering system from your existing third-party tool. If you still need to use the old IDs, we recommend you store them in text or numeric Custom Fields.

Import origin Creation Dates

Creation Date field in Targetprocess entities is important for history tracking. It also helps to display data properly on Timelines and in charts. It is not possible to modify creation date for existing entities. However, you can set custom creation dates for your new entities at the moment when you import them.

More information: How to set Creation Date during import

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