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Export Team Workflow States to Tabular Reports

When you use Team Workflows then every entity besides a Project Workflow State also has a Team State (or even multiple states when more then one team is assigned to an entity). This article describes how to export entities and include Team States to the tabular reports.

There are 3 features that make it possible to export current Team States for your work items:

  • Export View to CSV
  • Visual Reports
  • Custom Formula Metrics > Tabular Reports

Export View to CSV

This way helps to retrieve required details most quickly. However customization capabilities are limited: it is not possible to include/exclude columns and reorder them in the exported file.

Prerequisites: Create the View with entities you want to export.

Export: Open the saved view. Press Actions > Export to CSV menu item. All cards are exported to a tabular file. The file contains detailed properties for each card, and Team State column is included to the report by default.

Visual Reports

Prerequisites: Create the Visual Report with entities you want to export. Press + Create > Report in the left menu. Select data source and open Visual Report Editor. Add Team State field to Data fields list: press + Add field or formula button and find predefined field named Team State in the lookup control. Then use the field as one of the chart dimensions: horizontal or vertical axis, label, or color. Use other important data fields (ID, Name, etc.) as other chart dimensions. Once the chart is ready, press Finish setup button.

Export: Open the saved visual report. Press Actions > Export to CSV menu item. The report is exported to a tabular file. All properties used as chart dimensions are exported as columns.

Custom Formula Metrics > Tabular Reports

Prerequisites: Add a Custom Field to hold details on Team States in your entities. Create the custom field in the settings of the process your project with entities follows. Use 'Team Workflow State' as field label, 'Text' as field type. Make the field 'System' (read-only).

Add new Custom Formula Metric to your process to populate custom fields. Configure the metric to update Team Workflow State field with one of the following calculation formulas:

AssignedTeams.Select(EntityState.Name).ToString(", ")

Build a new Tabular Report. Press Reports > Tabular Reports item in the top menu. Create a report with entities you want to export. To be able to export custom field values, select only one process in the report settings. Team Workflow State field appears on Columns tab in the report builder. Select the field with checkbox. Save the report.

Export: Open the saved tabular report. Press Export to Excel button. The report is exported to a tabular file. All properties selected with checkboxes are exported as columns.

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