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Import Hierarchical Backlogs from CSV Files

Targetprocess supports the import of data from CSV files. When you import Epics, Features, User Stories, and Tasks into your backlog all at once, it is possible to import the hierarchical links between them as well.

A special column in the source file is used for mapping. For the User Story entity type, its name is Feature Name. For the Task entity type, its name is User Story Name. The column should contain a reference to the parent entity. For new entities, the Name of the parent entity should be provided. For already existing parent entities, Targetprocess' numeric ID can be used as well.

It is now possible to map the Epic column for a Feature entity since Targetprocess v3.11.0+ release.

Below is an example built from a template CSV file. You're welcome to download it and fill it in with your own values.

Download the template CSV file for importing Features, User Stories and Tasks


The import action should be performed by an Administrator or a user who has Add/Edit permissions for the Feature, User Story, and  Task entity types.

At least one Project must exist in the instance. By default, two projects will be available: "Tau Product - Kanban #1" and "Tau Product Web Site - Scrum #1".

Import assignments to Release and Iterations (Sprints)

For demonstration purposes, we will import links to Releases and Sprints. In this example, Project "Tau Product - Kanban #1" contains 3 Releases. Project "Tau Product Web Site - Scrum #1" contains 3 Releases with child Sprints.

If you do not have Releases and Sprints, or if you do not need the links to them to be imported, use the Skip option in column mapping for the Release and Iteration columns.

Import file

Upload a single CSV file to the server. Use the dynamic entity type definition.  Import Features, then User Stories, and then Tasks.

Upload CSV file

Open Settings → Import menu. Select [Dynamic entity type definition] as the type of entities to import. Provide the tool with the location of your CSV file using Choose File button. Press Next.

Import Features

Select Feature as Type to Import.

Map columns. Project and Name columns are mandatory.

Press Next several times until the import of Features is done.

Import User Stories

Select UserStory as type to import.

Map columns. The Feature Name column should be mapped to the Feature entity property. Project and Name columns are mandatory.

Press Next several times until the import of User Stories is done.

Import Tasks

Select Task as the type to import.

Map columns. The User Story Name column is mandatory because Tasks cannot exist outside User Stories. It must be mapped to the User Story entity property. Project and Name columns are mandatory.

Press Next several times until the import of Tasks is done.

As a result, the whole file is imported into your Targetprocess account. We can see the imported backlog in a list view. Let's create a hierarchical list view with the following settings:

Here is the imported backlog for Project "Tau Product - Kanban #1":

And here is the one imported into Project "Tau Product Web Site - Scrum #1":

Please contact our Support Team if you face any problems with the Import feature.

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