Cards on the Views

You can display various entities on views as cards. Some entities can be displayed together if they have common properties (Bugs, Tasks, User Stories), some not.

EpicHigh level work item that contains several Features.
FeatureHigh level work item that contains several User Stories. It can't be assigned to Iteration, but useful for release planning and roadmapping.
User StoryUsual requirement. Example: "As a Human, I want to survive in a forest". User Story can be assigned to Release or Iteration. User Story can contain several Tasks and Bugs.
TaskSmallest planning unit. Task can't be created without a User Story.
BugDefect. Can belong to a User Story. Can be assigned to Release or Iteration.
RequestInitial requirement from the end user. It is handy to communicate and refine this initial idea in Request, then you can create Feature, User Story or Bug from the Request.
ImpedimentBlocker. Something that blocks User Story, Feature, Task or Bug.
ReleaseDeliverable piece of software. Project can be split to Releases and Release can be split to Iterations. Release has start and end dates.
IterationIteration must be created inside a Release.
Team IterationTeam Iteration relates to Team and can include User Stories from several projects.
Test CaseA Test. User Story contains several Test Cases.
Test PlanJust a set of related Test Cases. A single Test Case can belong to several Test Plans.
Test RunExecution of a Test Plan. There can be many executions of a single Test Plan that provide you with runs history.
ProjectGroups work (Features, Stories, Bugs) together.
ProgramHigh level item that groups Project together.
TeamGroup of people that can work on several projects.
UserA person who has an access to TargetProcess.

Customizing looks and size of cards in a View is possible with Customize Cards feature.

Highlighting cards on the Views using your own rules is available with Visual Encoding.

  • Sebastian Oschatz

    is it possible to add new entities to set up a new domain model? e.g. for specifying hardware needed for a project, or the contractual state of the project, like orders, invoices etc?

  • Kate

    @sebastian_oschatz:disqus Unfortunately, it is not yet possible. Please vote up the relevant idea at

  • unit156

    What does it mean if an entity, such as ‘team iterations’ is greyed out and not selectable when setting up a view? Example: I’m trying to set up a view of all entities that I’m following using filter = ?Followers.Where(User is Me). I have followed a team iteration, but it is not showing up in my view, and in view setup, I am not able to select team iterations from ‘select the cards you want to see’.

  • Bogdan Skaskiv

    The thing is Team Iteration is a separate type of entity than User Stories,Bugs,etc. Therefore it’s not possible to select it as card on the same view with them. You’re welcome to create another view selecting Team Iteration in there and apply mentioned filter to see only followed by you iterations.

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