Milestones in Targetprocess are used to represent some important event for your team, project or company. For example, it could be an important demo for a client, or a company deadline.

You can create and edit Milestones from any Timeline view. Milestones can be linked to one or many Projects. You can view Milestones from a dashboard widget, or display them on a Timeline.

view milestones

Add, Edit, Delete Milestones

To create a Milestone, go to a Timeline and click the ‘Add Milestone’ icon from the time scale. Then fill in the name, description, color, and date fields. Finally, specify which projects it is related to and click 'Add Milestone'. Now you can see it on your Timeline and can easily compare the end date of an entity with the Milestone and understand whether or not you can complete it on time.

add milestone

To see the details of a Milestone, just hover your mouse cursor over it.

see milestone details

To modify a Milestone, click the edit button.

edit milestone details

Show / Hide Milestones on a Timeline

If a Milestone is linked to a Project in a Timeline view's Projects and Teams selection, then the Milestone will be shown on the Timeline by default. If you don’t want to see Milestones on a Timeline, go to view setup and uncheck the option for milestones from the timeline tab.

timeline tab

List of Milestones on a Dashboard

It is also possible to add a widget for Milestones to Dashboards.

milestones widget

To add the widget, press Actions > Set up dashboard. On Widgets tab find Milestones widget and add it to the layout of your dashboard.


The widget has its own settings. They are accessible by click on the cog wheel icon. Control number of displayed milestones and apply an Advanced Filter to show or hide items based on some specific rule.


Default filter is:

?It.Date >= Today

It shows only future milestones. Past items are hidden.

Only milestones from the projects selected in the dashboard header are shown in the widget. Items from non-selected projects are hidden.

  • Paul Cleghorn

    This looks like a good start will this approach cope with periods such as Bank Holidays, resource holidays etc..A one off milestone is all well and good but in many cases for me milestones span days.

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @paulcleghorn:disqus Holidays and vacations will be implemented while working on People Allocations feature that we have just started.
    As for milestones that last several days, we are not sure yet, but will consider that for future

  • Paul Foley

    Is this feature currently available? or in an upcoming release?

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @NZPaulF:disqus It is not available so far, but it will be added in the next build – 3.7.0. Stay tuned!

  • brookwarner

    I find it strange that this can only be added (from a different place) when in timeline view. I went looking for the ability to add this using the big green “ADD” button in the top left…

  • Kate

    Hi @brookwarner:disqus
    Unlike any other entity in Targetprocess Milestone is only visual representation of some important event. It was originally intended to be used on Timelines only. There is an idea at uservoice that you may want to support:
    For now there are no plans to change original Milestone behavior.

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