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Generate Team Iterations for Release

With 3.13.0 we've introduced capability to generate Team Iterations for all the Teams assigned to Project(s) that participate in a Release.

If you work with SAFe and need to create a sequence of Team Iterations for all the Teams that plan their work together, or you just want to create a bunch of Team Iterations for all the Teams in a Project, it could be a nightmare to add 20, 50, or even more Team Iterations at a time. A new capability has been added. It extends the default Quick add functionality.

If you need this extension, please contact Targetprocess support team. We will replace the default Release Quick add form with extended one.

To add a Release with cadenced Team Iterations for all the Teams you need:

  • Click to add a Release entity
  • Add the Name
  • Select the start day of a Release
  • Select Project/Projects, which have assigned Teams, that need sequences of Team Iterations
  • Add the number of Team Iterations for each Team
  • Add common Team Iteration duration

Start day of a Release will be the start date of the first Team Iteration as well.

The system will calculate Release end date automatically and will create a sequence of Team Iterations that go one after another for every Team in the selected Projects.

team iteration generation

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