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Backlog Overview

Typical project backlog consists of features, user stories and tasks. Bugs and epics may also participate in it. To create a better backlog overview with all entities shown together and provide ability to manage work effectively we created two solutions: sub-level for child entities in hierarchical List views and Work hierarchy tab in project details view. For instance, both of them allow to see your Tasks per User Story per Feature.

Sub-level for Tasks and Bugs in hierarchical list views

In List views three levels can be customized. Levels 1 and 2 represent hierarchical parent entities, level 3 — cards, and the 4th level is reserved for the child entities of cards. If User Stories are selected as cards, then their Bugs and Tasks are shown in the 4th level of hierarchy.

There is known limitation now: it is not possible to configure a hierarchical List view showing Tasks as cards, User Stories as 2nd level and Features as 1st level.


The workaround it to use List view with Features selected as 2nd level, User Stories as cards. Then Tasks and Bugs appear as sub-level automatically.

To create List view showing hierarchical overview of your Backlog, multiple options are possible.

Create Project Backlog list view from Template

Please click + Create > List in the left menu.

Targetprocess Image

In Templates tab - select Epics, Features, and Stories template.

It will automatically create a list view with the setup as shown below:

Setup Project Backlog list view manually

Or, alternatively, click + Create > List in the left menu.

In Setup tab, select User Stories as cards and Features as 2nd hierarchy level. Project, Epic or Release are popular selection options for 1st hierarchy level.

In both cases, sub-level for child Tasks and Bugs appears within every User Story.

In this list view you can customize columns for entities selected as hierarchy levels and cards.

Create the view from Solutions Gallery

Click + Create > Browse Solutions Gallery in the left menu.

Then in Work Management folder, open Backlog Planning and Management solution. Project Backlog view can be installed from the solution.

Limitations for Tasks and Bugs sub-level

Columns on sub-level cannot be customized. Inline add green [+] button is not displayed. Drag-n-drop actions are not supported. There is an idea to make corresponding improvements submitted to our public backlog, you're welcome to upvote it. As a workaround, you can perform all these actions in user story detailed view. For this purpose, double-click on a user story and open Tasks or Bugs tab.

Work hierarchy in the Project details view

In the Project details view there is a Work hierarchy tab where all project work is shown as a hierarchy, from Epics to User Stories with all their Tasks and Bugs.

To access detailed view of your Project, click on numeric ID of the project anywere across Targetprocess. Alternatively, open Project details view from Projects and Teams selector or double-click Project card in a view with list of your projects. Then open tab named Work hierarchy as shown below.

Targetprocess Image

It is a typical list with all the accompanying functionality - inline edit, drag-and-drop prioritization, quick add, and a context menu.

Bugs that are not attached to any User Story will not appear in this list.

Child entities that belong to other projects are not shown in this list.

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