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People Capacity View

People Capacity views are part of Capacity Planning capabilities on Team level. They allow to compare demand as planned workload with available capacity of team members who do the work. It is especially helpful to Product Owners and Scrum Masters as they determine whether the overall iteration goals can be achieved with the available team.

Agile is all about teamwork. In an Agile environment, the team capacity and velocity tells the real story. We strictly do not recommend to track individual capacities and velocities on the Agile teams.

Most Agile teams possess all the required skills. Moreover, great Agile teams have shared skill sets. It unlocks the power of the team members to substitute each other if necessary. Should it happen, the team acts as a single organism. An idle team member can start any next task, noone becoming a critical path, and as soon as personal WIP limits are preserved, there is no need to take into account personal workload.

However sometimes it's necessary to call on specialists for specific work. And it is important to make sure that a specialist is not overloaded. People Capacity view helps to solve this challenge.

The view displays backlog items (user stories, bugs) assigned to individuals for a given team iteration (sprint) of a single team. Usually teams plan a next or track a current sprint with this view.

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Total Effort of assigned backlog items is considered as demand and compared with personal availability of a team member in a team iteration.

How it works?

Find below detailed explanation how effort and personal availability are calculated on boards with this setup: Individual Capacity Planning.

Create View

To set up the view, follow the steps below:

  • Create a new Board view

  • Choose one or more Teams and all related Projects in Projects and Teams selector.

  • Choose User Stories and Bugs as cards.

  • Choose Person as rows.

  • Choose Team Iterations as columns.

  • Apply Filter to Team Iterations, to show only current or next Team Iteration and hide all other ones.

  • Finish Setup.

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