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Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning views and reports of Targetprocess product allow to compare demand as planned workload with available capacity of team members who do the work. It is especially helpful to Product Managers, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers as they determine whether the overall goals can be achieved with the available teams. Delivery against roadmaps becomes more predictable when capacity is taken into account.

How it works

On Capacity Planning views, warnings and color highlights indicate overloaded teams and people. It allows management to eliminate excess of limits in advance. Plan, postpone, or split work items, change team assignments and headcount, involve contractors to distribute the workload more evenly. The absence of overloads decreases risk of possible delays.

Capacity Planning tools play an important role in productive communication and collaboration between teams and management. Use them during sprint planning and pre-PI planning to assure match of team commitments with business expectations.

Work-Time-People assignments

For effective management, large initiatives, product increments, and projects are broken down into smaller, similarly sized work items. At different scale of planning levels, these pieces of structured work are assigned to time periods of appropriate length. Such breakdown allows to see both detailed and bird's eye view pictures and switch between short-time tactic and long-time strategic planning horizons. It also enables independent team work and decreases development lead time.

In Targetprocess, work is planned into time periods and people are assigned to work. Work may have estimates of size (effort). People availability or velocity per time period is defined. Capacity Planning views and reports compare demand as total size or count of planned work versus available capacity of assigned people in a time period.

Targetprocess supports multiple Agile and Scaling Agile frameworks, including SAFe®. SAFe defines the following four levels with work/people/time relations and key roles:

LevelWork itemsPeopleTime periodKey Roles
TeamUser Stories, BugsTeam(s)


Scrum Sprint(s) (Iterations)Product Owner

Scrum Master

ProgramFeatures1 Agile Release Train (ART)


Program Increment(s) (PIs)Product Manager

Program Manager

Release Train Engineer

System Architect

Value Stream (Large Solution)Capabilities1 Solution Train

Agile Release Trains (ARTs)

Program Increments (PIs)Solution Management

Value Stream Engineer

Solution Train Engineer

Solution Architect

PortfolioInitiatives, EpicsValue StreamsProgram Increments (PIs)

Financial calendar quarters

Lean Portfolio Management

Epic Owners

Enterprise Architect

Available Solutions

Targetprocess supports Capacity Planning views and reports for the following levels:

We are now extending Capacity Planning capabilities to support Value Stream (Large Solution) and Portfolio levels. Don't hesitate to contact us should you require a solution for relevant business problems.

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