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[Legacy] How to manage People Allocations in versions less than 3.8.0 of Targetprocess?

Outdated. Available in the versions less than 3.8.0 in Targetprocess.

Allocations report provides an overview of people allocations for all the Projects they’re working on (or available for). Allocations settings affect People Capacity calculations. You can control Allocations in Reports > Other Reports... > People > Allocations.

You can easily see whether people in you projects are available for new tasks or not, how many tasks of which effort are assigned to them, and what are their roles.

Allocations Report

There are some things that can influence your Allocations report:

Start and End date of your Projects

A person is deemed allocated to a project if this project is in progress (the Today date is currently between its Start and End Date). As soon as the project goes past the End date, a person’s load is not taken into account even if they’re still assigned to this project.

Projects Timeline

For example, if one of the projects has been finished:

Finished Project

You will see it in the Allocations report:

Allocations Report

Allocation % and End Date

A person can be allocated to a project either completely (100%) or partially (<100%). This affects the Allocated, Available From and Future Availability fields in the report.

A. Let’s say someone is fully allocated (100%):

Fully allocated Person

You can update the Allocation % and End Date fields, supposed this person leaves the project at a certain time (before the End Date).

Busy Person

As soon as the End Date is in the past, the allocation becomes expired.

Expired allocation

B. Now let’s see how the partial allocation looks (<100%):

Partial allocation

Weekly Hours

For those who work part-time, you can specify the default weekly hours available.

The Weekly Hours field is displayed and can be modified either from the Allocations report and from the Account Settings page. It is set to 40 h by default.

Weekly available hours

The Weekly Hours value affects the Future Availability field:

Future availability

Team Allocations

Personal allocations for cross-project Teams are not supported so far. Please vote for the Idea in our public UserVoice Backlog if you require this missing feature.

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