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We have made some huge changes in our prioritization and planning process in 2016. In a nutshell, we have switched to open allocation. Check out our blogpost: How we (un)plan the future.

  • Ivan G

    Where is the “calendar” feature on this roadmap? TP has been missing it since the beginning.

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @disqus_xBkiASfEWM:disqus There is a feature called “Vacations, Days Off and Events” that is currently planned after “People velocity and availability”. We do not show that on roadmap since it is more than half a year till that and something could potentially change. In general, our roadmap is not hardcoded, we do review it from time to time and update if the old plans are no longer the best strategy for the product. We would like to avoid too much false expectations and therefore do not post our plans for far future.
    Thank you for understanding.

  • Ivan G

    Sergey Gnedin
    Thanks for your reply! I appreciate all your communication with customers and do understand all the challenges during the development. I wanted to pay attention that we in our company really-really need that feature. I was hoping to see it on the roadmap. Unfortunately it’s constantly being pushed.

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