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Where can I view my personal ToDo list?

A personal ToDo list displays a list of User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, Test Runs, etc. that you are currently assigned to or responsible for (depending on the filters you're using). It provides you with quick links to work items, so whenever it is required you can review detailed descriptions for them. You can complete daily actions, such as posting time and changing states, using this view as well. Prioritization of work items is also possible with this view.

In the newly created account there is already a view named My Work, which assists to filter and display Features, User Stories, Tasks and Bugs assigned to you. The items are displayed as cards and distributed by columns representing States. The ToDo list shows you items that belong to the Projects chosen in the top left selector.

ToDo list shows you items that belong to the Projects chosen in the top left selector

By default My Work view is public. If, being an Administrator, you modify it somehow, then you changes affect all other users in the system. So, if you want to customize the view for your personal needs, it is recommended to create a new private view with similar settings and filters. You can also use the public view as a source and duplicate it, using Actions > Clone view operation.

There are two predefined templates for the personal ToDo list. Their names are My Work and Personal Kanban. The only difference between them consists in the item types displayed as cards so far.

Create a new View

You’re welcome to customize your view on Setup tab. Find more details about Filters for personal ToDo list and creating a ToDo list for multi-project environments.

ToDo Dashboard Widget

This widget shows all work assigned to you that is not in final state, including Epics, Features, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs and Requests. You can hide some entities if you don’t want to see them in a ToDo list:

ToDo Dashboard Widget

Moreover, you can highlight some assigned entities. For example, you may want to spot top priority bugs or entities that didn’t change state in several days:

Where can I view my personal ToDo list? Image 4


Time Sheet

Time Sheet page is populated with items assigned to you this week. You can use this page as your personal ToDo list virtually.

Open Time Sheet

Time Sheet

Visual Studio IDE

Targetprocess add-in for Visual Studio is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008+ and displays your personal ToDo list with User Stories, Tasks and Bugs right inside the Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Add-in

Eclipse IDE

Targetprocess Eclipse / Mylyn Connector embeds the personal ToDo list from Targetprocess to the Eclipse Task List.

Eclipse connector

Mobile Clients

iOS application

iOS My Work view

Android application

Android My Work view

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