Projects and Teams Selector

Every view, Dashboard and Visual Report shows data from some set of Project and Teams. The currently-displayed Projects and Teams are shown at the top of the view in the Projects & Teams Selector:

Project Teams Selector

To see a list of possible and currently-selected Projects and Teams, simply click on the selector.

Opened Selector

If you need to see data from other Projects and Teams, select them in this opened popup and click “Set”. When you select your own set of projects and teams, the selector will be highlighted, as shown below.

Highlighted Selector

Whenever you create a view, make sure you set an appropriate Projects and Teams selection so that other users see consistent data (if the view isn’t private).

When you are in View Setup mode, you will see the same data that other users see in the view. Your personal Projects-Teams selection and filters are disabled in setup mode.

Set projects and teams

If a view’s creator has not set a default Projects-Teams selection, then the view will have its selection set automatically for each user. In such cases, the revert button will not work because there is no predefined Projects-Teams selection to revert to.

Open views with the currently selected Projects and Teams

Sometimes, you may need to open a view and have it display data from the Projects and Teams that you currently have selected. And you don’t want to select projects and teams once again. Or even more, you want to open few views with already selected projects and teams. It could be tricky to open every interested view and set the same set of projects and teams in the selector to see needed data.

To make such scenarios work, you can do the following: Select the Projects and Teams you wish to see using the selector at the top of the view (this selection won’t override the predefined Projects and Teams for this view).


The new selection is applied and you can explore the view’s data.


To open another view using the selection you just applied, you can hold the ‘Alt’ key and click on the new view in the left menu.


Voila, the view is opened with the previously selected Projects and Teams.


You can repeat these steps any time you need and navigate through the views with once selected Projects and Teams with no need to set them up on every view.

Advanced use cases

In some sophisticated cases, the capabilities of the selector do not fit your needs. Should this happen, you're welcome to try using one of the Advanced Filters by assigned Project and Team.

  • Alex

    Q: When you log in to TP3, can I set the default view to always be ANY TEAM and ANY PROJECT so I don’t have to always go and select that?

    A: For now we suggest the following workaround:

    – edit settings for all public boards users start their work with
    – ‘Save Context’ (‘Any Team, Any Project’) for each of that boards used widely

  • anon

    Is this ‘save context’ option only available for the board owner/administrator?

  • Sergey Gnedin

    yes, it is true – it is an important property that could affect the visibility of items for other users. However, you can always clone the board and enable it for your private board.

  • Vincent van ’t Zand

    Do I understand correctly that you are suggesting to save the context thus for each and any View I create?

    I’d prefer TP to have ‘Any Project, Any Team’ set as the default for all new users. Now my colleagues are complaining that it “doesn’t show anything.” Bad first impression!

    (BTW, as another ugly workaround I just logged into every users account, before handing it to them, and selected ‘Any Project, Any Team’ for them in the top menu. Fortunately this setting will be remembered. Now they won’t get to see the intro video, nor the step-by-step tutorial though 🙁 )

  • Natalia

    It sounds like a good idea and I have posted it to our Uservoice portal. Feel free to support it with your votes and comments:

  • Rob Forster

    Great change. Simplifies by removing this previously duplicate and confusing fucntionality between the view and user settings. thanks!

  • Rob Hall

    I am really confused by this change. As a project manager that works across several projects, the behavior that I now see is very frustrating. Prior to this change, I was able to click on any view and, unless the project/team was set in that view, the view would display contents based on the globally-applied project/team that I had selected at the top of the page; this was perfect!. After this change, the view displays contents based on the last project/team that was selected for that view. This causes me to have to continually change the project/team for each view. Most of my views are set up so that they could be used across multiple project/team combinations (i.e. the project/team is NOT specified in the view). This latest modification seems to have been aimed at those users who primarily set up views that are only used for a specific project/team (although I understand that this can be “overridden” by the user). In my opinion this has made the product much less useful and more tedious. Is there any system or user setting that I can use to have it behave more like it did prior to his change? Is there any way to set up the view so that it behaves more like it did prior to this change?

  • Alla Pogotskaya

    Thank you for the feedback. We did this redesign to make the system more straightforward and consistent. It’s unlikely that we’ll return old behavior back because we had a lot of usability issues with it. And right now we are gathering feedback to determine do we need to do more changes and what exact if so.

  • Alla Pogotskaya

    As workaround you can create separate views for the different sets of Teams-Projects and put them to appropriate folders. Or save all projects and teams in the view setup and create saved filters for all Projects-Teams sets you need. In this case when you navigate to view it will take two clicks to apply such filter

  • Andreas Hernitscheck

    I can’t stand it. It is frustrating now. Makes no sense to set a project for every view a click. And recreating many views for every project is stupid as well.

    So I recommend to add a button to set a project filter for all views, not only the current. Here a request:

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