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Filters by Relations

In this article we gathered examples of useful Advanced Filters for Views and Visual Reports that help to select, hide or highlight data by Relations and related entities such as Inbound and Outbound user stories, bugs, features, epics, requests.

Relations in Targetprocess are displayed on Relations tab for any entity.

Filters by Relations. Image 1

Every entity has two collections: one for Inbound relations and one for Outbound ones. In advanced filters you refer to objects from these collections. There is no single list of Relations.

Regular hierarchical links (such as parent Feature > child User Stories) are not considered as Relations and the filters below cannot be applied to such dependencies.

Filters for Cards

These filters are applied to entities selected as cards or data source.

Filters for Assignable entities

Assignable entities are work items such as User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, Features, Epics, Requests, Test Plan Runs, Test Plans. Filters below are work for any of these types of entities selected as cards.

Assignable?InboundRelations.Count == 0
?OutboundRelations.Count == 0
entities without inbound or outbound relations
Assignable?InboundRelations.Count > 0
?OutboundRelations.Count > 0
entities with inbound or outbound relations
Assignable?InboundRelations.Count >= 5
?OutboundRelations.Count >= 5
entities with 5 or more inbound or outbound relations
Assignable?InboundRelations.Where(RelationType is 'Blocker')entities that have inbound blockers
Assignable?OutboundRelations.Where(RelationType is 'Blocker')entities that are blockers for some outbound entities
Assignable?InboundAssignables.Where(EntityType is 'Request')entities with inbound requests
Assignable?InboundRelations.where(Master.EntityState is 'Open')entities with inbound open items, including non-assignable ones such as Impediments
Assignable?OutboundAssignables.Where(EntityType is 'Bug')entities with outbound bugs
Assignable?OutboundAssignables.where(EntityState.IsFinal is false)entities with incomplete entities in outbound relations
Assignable?EntityState.IsInitial is false and EntityState.IsFinal is false and OutboundRelations.Count == 0entities that are "In Progress" state and do not have outbound relations
Assignable?InboundRelations.Count(Inbound.EntityState.IsFinal is False and RelationType is 'Blocker') == 0entities that don't have any open inbound blockers
Request?EntityState.IsFinal is False and RequestType is 'Idea' and Requesters.Count >= 5 and (OutboundRelations.Count == 0 or OutboundAssignables.where(EntityState.IsFinal is false))Popular (with 5 or more requesters) ideas that are not done yet and do not have outbound relations or related outbound work items are not done

Filters for Lanes

Inbound Relations

These filters are applied to Inbound Relations entities selected as rows or columns. For each inbound entity shown as a lane all its outbound entities are displayed as cards.

Inbound Relations

Inbound Relation?OutboundRelations.Where(RelationType is 'Blocker')entities (lanes) that are blockers for outbound relations (cards)
Inbound Relation?OutboundRelations.Count > 10entities (lanes) with more than 10 outbound relations (cards)
Inbound Relation?OutboundRelations.Where(Outbound.EntityType is 'Bug')entities (lanes) with outbound bugs (cards)

Outbound Relations

These filters are applied to Outbound Relations entities selected as rows or columns. For each outbound entity shown as a lane all its inbound entities are displayed as cards.

Outbound Relations

Outbound Relation?InboundRelations.Where(RelationType is 'Blocker')entities (lanes) that are blockers for inbound relations (cards)
Outbound Relation?InboundRelations.Count > 10entities (lanes) with more than 10 inbound relations (cards)
Outbound Relation?InboundRelations.Where(Inbound.EntityType is 'Request')entities (lanes) with inbound requests (cards)

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