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Filters for Assigned Tags

Tags are small pieces of text or icons that can be assigned to almost all entities in the system. They are the recommended way to categorize information in a free form. In this article we gathered examples of useful Advanced Filters for Views and Visual Reports that help to select, hide or highlight data by assigned Tags.

Tags in Targetprocess are case-insensitive. 'UX' and 'ux' refer to the same tag.

Filter Entities by Assigned Tags

These Advanced Filters are helpful when you set up a view with General entities (such as User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Features, Epics, Releases, Sprints (Iterations), Projects etc.) and the assigned Tags they have.

General?Tags.Count == 0Entities with no tags assigned
General?Tags.Count > 0Entities having at least one tag assigned
General?"plugin" in Tags

?Tags.Where(it is "plugin")

?Tags.Where(Name is "plugin")

Entities with “plugin” tag. The tag should contain exactly this single word
General?"plugin" not in Tags

?not Tags.Where(it is "plugin")

?not Tags.Where(Name is "plugin")

Negative filters. Entities with no “plugin” tag.
General?Tags.Where(Name.Contains("chrome"))Entities with Tags having “Chrome” word included into longer tags. For example:

  • "Chrome"
  • "Chrome 48"
  • "tested in Chrome"
General?not Tags.Where(Name.Contains("chrome"))Negative filter. Entities not having "Chrome" word included into any assigned tag.
General?("chrome" in Name or "chrome" in Description or "chrome" in Tags) and EntityState.IsInitial is TrueExample of complex filter with a combination of several cases
General?Tags.Where(it is "chrome") and Tags.Where(it is "urgent")Entities that have both tags "chrome" and "urgent" assigned
General?Tags.Where(it is "chrome") and not Tags.Where(it is "urgent")Entities that have tag "chrome" and not have tag "urgent" assigned
General?Tags.Where(it is "chrome" or it is "urgent")Entities that have one of the tags "chrome" or "urgent" assigned
General?not Tags.Where(it is "chrome" or it is "urgent")Entities that have don't have the tags "chrome" or "urgent" assigned

It is also possible to filter parent entities by tags assigned to child entities. Say you can hide a user story if a task in that user story has been tagged with a specific tag.

User Story?Tasks.Where("setup" in Tags)User stories having "setup" tasks
User Story


?not Bugs.Where("urgent" in Tags)User stories and features without "urgent" bugs

Filters for Tags

These Advanced Filters help to manage tags in views whenever Tags are selected as entity in lanes or cards setup.

Tags?Generals.Count == 0tags that are not used in entities
Tags?Generals.Count > 0tags that are used in entities
Tags?Generals.Count == 1tags that are used just once
Tags?Generals.Count >= 10popular tags that are used 10 times or more
Tags?it is not Nonehides 'No Tags' row or column; useful when applied to lanes

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