Estimation Board View

Drag and Drop Estimation

Drag-n-drop method allows to estimate many entities and quickly set an Effort for them from a single screen. When you move cards across columns, you change Developer's Effort for these entities. It is very intuitive and works without page reloads.

Estimation Board

Effort field as a lane on Board views is available for User Stories, Tasks and Bugs only.

It is possible to select Effort as a lane only when all displayed items have a Role with the name Developer in the Assignments area so far. If you do not have the responsible role Developer for your items, please customize Assignments area.

Set values for Effort column

You can set your own values for the Effort lanes instead of a fixed sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Just type the effort values into the cards filter like that:

Effort Values

Points Effort Units Support

In short, Points are relative abstract effort units that works great for experienced agile teams. Points are a relative measure of user story size. Usually they are used with discrete scale. For example: 1,2,3,5,8,13,20. This scale means that a 5 point story has nearly twice the complexity of a 3 point story, no more. Estimation with points is easier, since you estimate-by-compare: “We’ll give this story 2 points because it seems like it’s twice as big as that 1-point story and about half as big as that 4-point story”.

It is possible to switch planning units from hours to points and vice versa.

  • Bethan Evans

    Hi, is there any way to do this for other roles as well as the Developer role? We would love to this across teams/other roles!

  • Natalia

    Hi Bethan,
    I’m afraid, it is not possible right now. You are welcome to support the following idea with your votes and comments:

  • Acevedo Miguel

    There is a way I can add horizontal lane with “Person”, I cannot select that option for the menu, is there any limitation? I would like to assign people and then do estimation at the same time I got the team next to me.

  • Natalia

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to add Person lane to Estimation view. Instead of using lanes to assign cards, I would recommend right-click on a cards > ‘Change assignment and Effort’ to assign a User to the card.

  • Alex Porter

    I also wanted to do this. I have created a “My Estimation” view for developers to estimate work assigned to them, but would also like to have a “Team Estimation” view that the team can look at together and work through estimating each person’s stories.

  • Jordi Bares

    Is there any way to customise the columns? I want to have it based on days and weeks and switch easily from one to the other. If that later converts to hours it is fine but my tasks are long by nature and can’t really split them further.

  • Alex

    The question makes sense when your estimation unit is hours. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to estimate Tasks, Stories, Bugs, and Requests in working days (1 day = 8 hours) and working weeks (1 week = 5 days) so that the automatic recalculation could be perfomed by Targetprocess.

    Two partial workarounds are described here in our public backlog:

    I’ve also added +1 vote on your behalf pro this enhancement request.

  • Jordi Bares

    Thank you Alex for the fast answer, very much appreciated.

    I would suggest you guys take in account the realities of daily life for many industries where things are calculated in days or even weeks. I don’t see a reason why adding days (or weeks if someone needs that) would be a technical problem at all, surely you have to consider this layer of abstraction on your software right?

    Changing point of view, it will also be a hard sell for a company that embarks on infrastructure work that may take 6 years to develop (like a bridge for example) to adopt TargetProcess if you force them to measure things in hours.

    Time to reconsider I think.


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