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Changes in mashup structure after 3.7.7

In 3.7.7, we've made some changes to our mashups.

First, we've changed the directory structure for mashups. If you added your mashups using the Mashup Manager inside TP, you shouldn‘t notice any differences. However, if some mashups had been put directly to the JavascriptMashupsfolder, the administrator will have to manually move all such mashups to the JavascriptMashupsCommon folder. If you have some mashups that explicitly use relative paths to other files (../../some-icons.svg), you may have to update these paths.

Second, we’ve deprecated require function, that means some of your mashups have to be updated.
For the custom mashups you created you should use addDependency instead: e.g., if you had something like require(['jQuery', 'Underscore'], callbackFunction), you can change it to tau.mashups.addDependency('jQuery').addDependency('Underscore').addMashup(function($, _)) { ... }

If you face any issues with mashups that you installed from our Mashup Library, you should just update them to their latest version.

  1. Click "Check for updates" at the right side of Mashups library
  2. Delete the mashup
  3. Install the mashup from the library

You may want to pay attention to the following mashups if you are using them: Board Fullscreen Mode, Nested Boards, Recent Activity, CF Constraints, Quick Add Several Work Items

If your server is not connected to internet, see /guide/installation/mashup-manager-no-internet

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