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Installation Guide


Check the detailed System Requirements list and configure the hardware and software in advance to meet them.

The fastest way to install all the necessary components is to use Web Platform Installer.

  1. IIS Recommended Configuration
  2. Microsoft .NET Frameworks
  3. SQL Server Express and Management Studio (if you do not have full (paid) version of MS SQL Server)

After you are done with Platform Installer, open your IIS Manager, select the top level of Connections tree and select ISAPI and CGI Restrictions.

Make sure that ASP.NET extensions are allowed for both v2 and v4.

MSMQ feature should be installed on the application server.

Now we are ready to install Targetprocess.

Targetprocess Installation

In order to start the installation you need file. You can get one from If you do not have the license or your On-Site version is not available for download, please contact us at

Run TP-3.x.x.xxxxx-setup.exe, then follow installation steps.

Installer automatically sets default values such as Virtual folder. You may leave them as is.

Database Server Name should be <SERVER_NAME>SERVER_INSTANCE (e.g. mylaptopSQLEXPRESS). You can try to use .SQLEXPRESS if SQL Express is installed locally.
Use SQL Server user name with database creation permissions grant, i.e. default administrator account ‘sa’.

Have a cup of coffee (or tea) and give the installer several minutes to do the job. Then open the browser and run Targetprocess as http://localhost/TargetProcess2.

How to Apply Licenses

You have just one license after installation (1 license = 1 active user that may login into Targetprocess) and now it's time to apply more licenses.

You should receive a License Key by Email, it looks like 8D5B1FDD-2515-45B2-ACF5-AAE9398F9D2D. If you don’t a have License Key, please contact us at to resolve the problem.

Go to Settings → License and click “Register your copy of TargetProcess”.

Automatic Activation

  1. Select Automatic activation.
  2. Enter your License Key and click Next.

Manual Activation

You may need manual activation if your server is not connected to the internet or if you need a specific license applied (older version, for example).

  1. Download License Key File from Customer Center or get one from Support/Account Manager
  2. Select Manual activation.
  3. Upload the License Key File.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Targetprocess supports integrated Windows Authentication (Active Directory). It allows users to login to Targetprocess based on the domain account without entering Targetprocess credentials at login page.

Starting with Targetprocess v3.7.11 it is not possible to enable Forms and Windows authentications simultaneously on IIS side.

Therefore, in most recent builds it is possible to use one of the following approaches:

  1. Windows authentication mode only. Suits the best to an intranet environment
  2. Forms + Anonymous authentication only
  3. If you need mixed authentication rules, then use Forms + Anonymous authentications on IIS level along a Single Sign-On set up for internal users. In this mode authentication does not rely on values specified in Active Directory User Name field in personal profiles. Instead, mapping is performed by email address. See more about SSO support in our guideHow to setup Single Sign-On with ADFS.

There are two things you need to do to enable it.

  1. Specify Active Directory User Name (like CompanyDomain) for users in Targetprocess. It is done at user details page under Account Settings tab - just open any view with users as cards, like predefined People view.
  2. Enable Windows Authentication at IIS.
  3. Make sure you have Forms authentication type disabled.

    If you have Targetprocess installed as a virtual directory, like at the image above, please make sure parent web site uses the same authentication.

Targetprocess Upgrade

Visit your account in Customer Center, login with your license key and download the latest version of Targetprocess.

  1. Create database backup.
  2. Unzip installer and run it. Select Update previous version:

Click Next several times and Targetprocess will be upgraded automatically.

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