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Targetprocess 2 Removal

We began phasing out Targetprocess v.2 in May 2016. Our last Targetprocess 2-supported build is v3.8.10. All updates after this are not compatible with v.2.

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We've stopped supporting Targetprocess v.2. It's the end of an era. As we’ve explained in earlier posts, we’re doing this to accelerate our development speed and make important improvements to Targetprocess v.3. This means you'll no longer have access to features that are exclusive to v.2:

Removed reports

In version 3.10.5 several more reports were cancelled as well. Under the links below please find how to build replacement reports, views and dashboards for them:

What legacy features are still preserved and migrated to Targetprocess 3:

All of your data should still be available in Targetprocess 3.

If you need help transitioning to Targetprocess v.3 and training users, please do not hesitate to schedule a “Migration to Targetprocess 3” workshop.

I'm currently using v.2 and don't want to upgrade

Our last Targetprocess 2-supported build is v3.8.10. All updates after this will not be compatible with v.2. If you do not want to lose access to Targetprocess 2, please let us know via We don’t recommend this option, but it is your choice and we will take steps to help you keep your access to v.2. In this case:

  • For On-Demand accounts: We will move your account to a separate environment where you can continue working with Targetprocess 2, but will no longer receive updates or new features.
  • For On-Site accounts: You will not be able to upgrade your Targetprocess instance with any build released after v3.8.10. You can keep using Targetprocess 2, but with no new features or updates.

Finding the 'good' in goodbye

We’ve had some great times with Targetprocess 2, and we’ll always look back at it fondly. If you want to read the whole story behind the product, take a look at our company chronicles (2004-2014).

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this change. If you have any fond memories of v.2, we’d love to hear them in the comments. Now, it’s time for us to move on and look ahead to the future of Targetprocess. We hope to see fans of Targetprocess 2 there as well.

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