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Automation Rules

Automation Rules allow to extend Targetprocess functionality. This feature adds the ability to automatically react to a change in Targetprocess or an event in a third party service, execute custom logic, and form a pack of changes that will be made in Targetprocess as a result. For example:

  • If a comment is added to a Request - reopen the Request.
  • If a GitHub pull request is merged - change the state of the related User Story (or any other entity).
  • And many additional use cases.

The Automation Rules fully replace Webhooks Plugin and preconfigured Custom Rules.

Targetprocess admins can access the Automation Rules Setup UI in settings:

More detailed documentation about Automation Rules can be found in the developers guide.

All the Automation Rules can be divided into two major groups:

  • Internal Automation. These are the scenarios where an Automation Rule reacts to an event in Targetprocess and makes changes also in Targetprocess.
  • External Integrations. In these scenarios events trigger Automation Rules from an external system.

Internal Automation

When a Request is Created - Create a Related Bug

To implement such a scenario the Modified Entity source should be selected for an Automation Rule. Here is the rule in action:

This example and many others can be found in the developers guide.

External Integrations

For External Integrations we added an incoming web hook source for Automation Rules. This source allows us to create a unique HTTP endpoint in Targetprocess that can be used for integrations with any service that can send HTTP requests with JSON content.

When a GitLab Pipeline Passes - Move a Related Entity to Another State

Automation Rules make it possible to connect the workflow of entities in Targetprocess with events in GitLab for example. In this example, the naming convention is used for linking branches to entities in Targetprocess:

When a GitLab Commit is Pushed  - Add a New Record to the Sources Tab on Entity View

With Automation Rules it's possible to link commits in version control to a related entity. There is also no need for configuring Targetprocess Git Plugin and SSH access for it anymore.

This way similar integrations may be made for GitHub or any other service that have outgoing web hook functionality.


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