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Documentation management

Q: How does your system save and manage documents? Is there a repository?

Q: Is there a Wiki on your roadmap?

Q: Can you connect to platforms such as MS SharePoint, Confluence, SVN or other popular ones in the market?

A: There are some possibilities to organize your documents and work with them in Targetprocess. We'll describe their capabilities below.

Manage documents for tasks

Use work items (e.g. User Stories, Bugs, Requests etc.) as containers for your documentation.

To store texts and descriptions, you can use the following fields:

  • Description - Rich text, HTML-formatted, unlimited length. Markdown text formatting codes are supported
  • Rich Text Custom Fields - up to 4000 symbols per each field, up to 60 different custom fields per each entity type
    Manage documents for tasks
  • Comments stream - every entity can have a comments thread, and all users can contribute and discuss by posting new comments
  • Attachments

Quick search by keywords in Descriptions, Comments, and Rich Text Custom Fields is supported.

Uploading Files and Attachments

Every entity has an Attachments area. You can use drag-n-drop to upload files from your computer into Targetprocess. Whenever you upload a file to Targetprocess, a new entity of type “Attachment” is created. It is possible to refer to such entities with their numeric ID.

If you update the content of an attached file, its ID number will change.

Once you delete a Targetprocess entity (for example, a User Story) its attached files are also deleted and they are no longer available.

Shortcuts with numeric IDs

It is possible to insert a clickable shortcut link pointing to another Targetprocess entity using its known ID.


External documentation: embedded content for Targetprocess entities

Host your documents externally and let Targetprocess entities contain reference links to them.

You can put the link to your externally hosted document into the following places:

  • Entity Description, Rich text custom field, Comment text
  • Custom Field of URL type
    External documentation: embedded content for Targetprocess entities
  • Custom field of Template URL type
    Documentation management. Image 4

Moreover, there is a special Mashup (extension) named Embedded pages. Once installed from the Mashups Library and configured properly, it can display any available documents. Clicking on a file's URL link will open an additional Tab in the entity's detailed view.

Documentation management. Image 5

The following documentation storage services are confirmed as supported for integration with Targetprocess using this extension at the moment:

  • Google Docs
  • Confluence

If you have an existing documents repository such as WIKI, Sharepoint, and, Google Docs, you can embed the link to the published documents into Targetprocess Tasks. We have a special integration add-on (mashup) designed exactly for this purpose. It allows you to both views the page and fully interacts with it - right in the Task's detailed view.

Another benefit of the mashup: customers, colleagues, and stakeholders who do not have Targetprocess accounts can still be provided with access to the externally published documents and share all their thoughts and requirements in the associated documents. Your team will be able to see the discussions attached to the corresponding work items, right from Targetprocess.

An external search engine should be used in order to find text patterns in embedded documents.

Update a single requirement or the acceptance criteria for multiple work items

A description in Targetprocess can’t be shared. Therefore, if you have a single requirement (description) that should be related to multiple work items (User Stories, Tasks), you can use:

  • Related entity (Request, Test Plan, Test Case) and Relations tab
  • Link to the file or document published on the external resource.

Once you update the document, the changes will be reachable from all linked and related entities.

Manage documents for the whole project

Sometimes you may need access to a whole Wiki with data that is unrelated to any User Stories or Features. In this case, you could make a list of relevant links or a single link to an index page with such a list. A special textbox widget for your dashboard helps to make such links easily accessible.

Embedded content in Dashboards

Using the textbox widget, you can easily place important links into a single place and attach them to your Dashboard.

Embedded content in Dashboards

Embedded content in Dashboards. Image 1

Documentation management. Image 2

Use the Project description area

It is also possible to use a Project's description as a place to store links to all documentation related to this Project.

Use the Project description area

Embed permanent link to a Wiki in the main menu

Using a special add-on, you can insert your own custom link in the main menu. This link will be inserted for all users (or, if you prefer, only for users that have some particular role). The link can be configured to display its content in a popup window or in a new browser tab by default.

Embed permanent link to a Wiki in the main menu

Internal Wiki and Integrations

Targetprocess has no built-in documentation management system or Wiki so far. There is an existing idea to introduce better support for documentation storage, please vote for it if you're interested:

Based on feedback from users, it is likely that we’ll add this feature in the future.

More powerful integrations with external tools such as SharePoint and Confluence are also not currently supported. If such integrations are important for you, please vote for the corresponding idea at our UserVoice portal:

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