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How to enable Email Notifications

Navigate to Settings → Email Notifications, and verify that the Enable Email Notifications checkbox is checked.

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Events that are enabled or disabled by the setting include:

  • Process workflow notifications. The system will not send you any notifications about your own actions of this kind.
  • Follow notifications. Notifications about your own actions are sent.

Events that are always enabled by default and cannot be disabled include:

  • User account added
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Comments added events (manually selected checkboxes)
  • @mention notifications

The default settings do not produce any workflow notifications. If you wish to have notifications sent for particular state changes or other actions, they are set up for each process.

On-Demand version

If you are using Targetprocess hosted in the cloud, we supply the SMTP server for you, and you do not have to specify the server.

You can leave Sender email address blank. Targetprocess address will be used in this case by default.

If you specify your own Sender email, then you have to modify SPF domain record on your side like:
TXT: *.yourdomain.* v=spf1 ~all
Otherwise, emails sent from our SMTP server with your custom sender address will be considered as spam by most modern email clients and won't be delivered because of that. Contact our support team if you require any assistance with it.

Currently, there is no support for using your own SMTP server.

On-Site version

On-Site version

For on-site account you must specify a SMTP server and any required login credentials.

Support for SSL and TLS encryption

Available in Targetprocess v3.12.3+

To configure TLS for Gmail SMTP service:

  1. Check Enable encryption (via STARTTLS) checkbox in the email notifications settings
  2. When 2-Step Authentication for your Gmail account is enabled: generate app password to use it with external application, for instance Targetprocess
  3. Setup Gmail service as SMTP server. Use SMTP server and Port 587. Login is your email address, password is the password of your Gmail account or (if enabled) application-specific password (from step 2). More information:

Support for SSL and TLS encryption

In pre-3.12.3 Targetprocess versions there is no support for SSL/TLS negotiation with SMTP servers. If you want to use this kind of negotiation with older Targetprocess version you must set up a special virtual SMTP server to relay the mail for you. Note that TLS encryption is currently preferred and enforced for most of e-mail servers.

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