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Import Git / TFVC Version Control Commits from VSTS to Targetprocess

This article describes how to set up Targetprocess source control integrations with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS, cloud service. Add a profile for Git or TFS plugin in Targetprocess to import source control commits from Git or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) from Visual Studio Team Services.

When a Version Control integration is set up, VSTS users are able to update Targetprocess work items when they submit commits to TFVC or Git Version Control repositories. They update entity states, submit time records, and post comments using special shortcut commands.

The integration does not connect VSTS and Targetprocess work items directly. To syncronize the items, consider using integration performed within third-party Tasktop data connector.

VSTS supports two types of version control: Git and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). A project in VSTS may contain one TFVC repository. It also may contain one or more Git repositories, or repositories of both types simultaneously. Detailed comparison of the types: Compare TFVC and Git.

List of Repositories for a VSTS project is displayed on the left side of Version Control tab. TFVC and Git repositories are denoted with different icons, color, and labels.

Import Git / TFVC Version Control Commits from VSTS to Targetprocess. Image 1

Here is how you configure Targetprocess integration plugin profiles:

  • TFVC: in Targetprocess add single TFS plugin profile to connect to all TFVC repositories in your VSTS account
  • Git: in Targetprocess add one Git plugin profile per each Git repository in your VSTS account

To set up a Targetprocess plugin profile, you require to fill in:

  1. Address (URL) of a TFVC service or a Git repository
  2. Access credentials
  3. User accounts mapping (optionally)

Service Address

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)

Add a single Targetprocess TFS plugin profile to connect to all TFVC repositories in your VSTS account. To obtain a full path address, take your VSTS account hostname from the web browser, add port number (:443) and add reference to a default collection:

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)


Add one separate Targetprocess Git plugin profile per each Git repository in your VSTS account. Here is how you obtain a full path to the repository from the VSTS:

  • Select the required VSTS project.

  • Open Code tab.

  • Select the required Git repository.


  • Press Clone button.

  • A popup with repository settings appears. Copy the path from Command line > HTTPS area.

    Git. Image 4

  • Save the path to Targetprocess Git plugin profile settings:

Git. Image 5

Access Credentials

If you're not a member of a VSTS security group authorized to access version control repositories, ask your account or project admin to add you.

Regular user password is not valid for automatic integrations. Create a Personal Access Token to use in the plugin profiles.

  • In VSTS, click on your avatar. Select Security menu item.

    Access Credentials

  • In Security tab, open Personal access tokens list.

    Access Credentials. Image 7

  • Press Add button to create a new token. Fill in Description, expiration term and Authorized Scopes. The only required scope is Code (read), also known as vso.code. Press Create Token button.

    Access Credentials. Image 8

  • The token is created. Immediately copy it and save it to your secure passwords storage. Paste the token into Password field on Targetprocess TFS / Git plugin profile.

    Access Credentials. Image 9

The integration won't work if the Azure Active Directory authentication is used in your VSTS account. Besides basic authentication, this method requests bearer authorization as well. It is not supported by the Targetprocess plugins.

User Accounts Mapping

When emails of your project members in VSTS and Targetprocess are different, you should map VSTS emails to Targetprocess user accounts in Targetprocess TFS / Git plugin profile settings. The users will be treated as Unknown in Targetprocess otherwise.

Commits created by unknown users are successfully attached to Source tabs of Targetprocess work items. However, no further actions such as state change, comment submit, time spent record post are performed with work items.

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