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Many Projects and One Team

Imagine you're running a design studio called Go4. You have just one development team and three active projects:

  • Nike catalog design
  • Nike “Shake Us” promo web site
  • Portfolio redesign (internal)

You run weekly iterations. Of course, your main focus is on the Nike web sites, but you do hold some space for the internal project as well.

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Here's the flow for this scenario:

Create 1 team and 3 projects → Set team-projects relations → Create team iteration → Fill backlog → Plan next iteration → Prioritize user stories → Set up task View → Split work into tasks

First, you add a new Go4 Team and 3 projects:

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Don't forget to invite people into Teams.

Let's link the projects and the Go4 team. Create the Projects View:

  • Card: Project
  • Rows: Team

Select No team and No project in the top menu:

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Use drag and drop to assign projects the Go4 team:

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Iteration Plan

Now you need to plan next iterations. Create a View that shows User Stories grouped by Team Iterations (columns) and Projects (rows).

There are no Team Iterations so far. Click the [+] button in columns to add some:

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So far there are no user stories, and you need to add some work to these projects. Use the [+] button in cells to add stories:

Targetprocess Image

Then you can use drag and drop to assign stories from all the three projects to the next iteration. Since you focus on the Nike projects, the Portfolio redesign project will have just two stories, while other projects will have 4 stories each.

Targetprocess Image

Obviously, you want to set cross-project priorities for stories in the next iteration. Customize the View and remove grouping by Rows. Now use drag and drop to re-order user stories in the next iteration column.

Targetprocess Image

Task View

The planning is done. You can track progress in the current iteration by projects, by people or by tasks. Let's set up a Task View.

Create a new View and select:

  • Cards: Tasks and Bugs
  • Horizontal lanes: User Story (with a filter)

We want to see user stories from the current iteration only, so let's use this filter for rows (the horizontal lanes):

?TeamIteration is Current

Then select States as columns. All set.

The View is empty, now you can quickly break down user stories into tasks:

Targetprocess Image

Be creative and set up some other Views that will help you track progress.

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