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Limits on our free team pricing plan

This pricing plan is no longer available. Please check our pricing page for more details.

The team pricing plan in Targetprocess is totally free. You can have an unlimited number of active users, with a licensing price $0 per user / month. The free trial has no restrictions on number users, length of time, or any other aspects of the tool. The plan is only limited by number of entities (items in Targetprocess). Their count cannot exceed 1000 per account.

The following entities will count towards the limit: user story, task, bug, feature, epic, project, team, release, iteration, team iteration, request, test case, test plan, test plan run, impediment, build.

Sample project entities do not count towards the limit.

Any entity that is in the system for 7 and more days will count towards the total, any that are deleted before the 7 day mark will not.

If a project is deleted, any entities that are 7+ days old will still affect the limit total.

When you hit the 1000 entity cap, your account reverts to read only mode. After this, you'll need to purchase a license for each active user. Once you submit payment, the licenses will be applied to your account almost immediately.

You can check the details of your pricing plan and the current number of entities in your system at the License Status page. Navigate Settings > License menu for this purpose. This page is available to Administrators only.

Limits on our free team pricing plan

Free accounts have no expiration date, but may be deleted if it's not used for 60 days in a row. We send email reminders about this after 30 days of inactivity.

You can find a comparison of the free team plan with other available ones at our Plans and pricing page.

If at any point you wanted to discuss pricing options or increase limits during the trial period you can reach out to us via chat, or contact us directly at

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