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Hide Children

The mashup (custom add-on) provides a quick and easy way to hide child cards whose parents are already displayed on the view.

For example, if you have a feature with four user stories underneath it, the mashup provides a way to toggle showing these user stories when the parent feature is present on the current view. The mashup provides this functionality as a toggle, so you can freely show and hide child cards with a click of the button.

Your display setting is saved with the view as your private one. It does not affect display mode for other users.

To see the mashup in action, open a view. In the clipboard at the bottom of the board find Show/Hide Children button that reflects current display mode and allows to control it.

Hide Children

When some cards are hidden, the mashup calculates and displays total count of them.

Detailed Capabilities

Supported entities

The mashup hides:

  • Nested Tasks for User Stories
  • Nested User Stories, Tasks for Features
  • Nested Features, User Stories, Tasks for Epics

Current version of the mashup does not hide any Bugs, either related to User Stories, Features and Epics or not.

Supported types of views

The mashup works on Board views.

If you press "Hide Children" button in the Board view mode and then switch the mode to Timeline or One-by-One, then the nested entities remain hidden on Timelines and One-by-One lists. In the meantime the hide/show button itself is displayed in Board view mode only.

Current version of the mashup is not compatible with List views.


The mashup can be activated by Administrators of your Targetprocess account. Install the mashup from the Mashups Library. Navigate Settings > Mashups menu item for this purpose.

After installation, reload Targetprocess page in your web browser. Request your colleagues to perform the same action if the mashup doesn't appear for them.

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