Manage extensions with Mashups Library

Mashups allow you to quickly extend Targetprocess UI with almost any functionality you want. You can use existing mashups from Mashups Library, or install code of mashups manually, or create your own mashups and share them with other Targetprocess users.

All the existing mashups are located in Settings → Mashups → Library.

Only Administrators have permission to access settings of Mashups.

Click the "Check for Updates" link to get the latest versions of mashups and new mashups from github.

Click on the Mashup Name to see it's description.

If you like the functionality that the mashup provides for, please click on Install button to apply it to your Targetprocess instance, and follow the instructions, specified in the mashup description.

Please make sure that the version of Targetprocess you are using allows to install and use the mashup.

To uninstall the mashup use the red trash bin icon next to the mashup name:


  • Joe Vaccaro

    How do you delete a mashup?

  • Anna Ko

    Hi Joe,
    Please, use the red trash icon in order to remove the mashup from your site:

  • mb963

    Can a SharePoint or box page be embedded to an entitiy?

  • Alex

    @mb963:disqus, our embedding solution uses IFrame element as a container and it seems that Sharepoint prevents embedding its pages into IFrames by default. Here they describe it in their knowledge base article – and they give an instruction how to make it possible:
    Please contact us directly within email or through our LiveChat if you require any assistance with setup of an integration between your Sharepoint and your Targetprocess account.

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