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Requests Classes Of Services

The Request Classes Of Service Colorer mashup will set a color for Request cards based on the Creation Date, Last Comment Date and Kind of a User who posted the last comment.

This Mashup is applied globally to all views in your account without any exclusion. If you need to set up color coding to selected views only please use Visual Encoding settings and filtering by LastStateChangeDate field instead.

For example, all the fresh Requests cards will be highlighted in green on the boards. In the same fashion, all the Requests that have not been answered by Support people within a time specified in a Service-level agreement (e.g. 24 hours) can be highlighted in red.

How to activate it:

  1. Install the mashup from the Targetprocess Mashups Library.
  2. Edit the this.hourLimits and this.colors sections in the mashup code.

Targetprocess Image

This section specifies which html color codes should be used for each delay period in hours.

For example:

'#d8ffa0' will set green color for Requests created within last hour or commented by a customer within last hour. If they are answered quickly by Support people this can make a wow-effect for Customers and impress them with really quick and responsive service.

'#fffdb0' will set yellow color for Requests not answered within the last 18 to 24 hours. These are close to the SLA time edge so require attention of Support people.

'#ffb090' will set red color for Requests that haven't been answered for more than 24 hours. This means Service-level agreement was broken by Support people.

You can add as many hour limits as you need. You can remove several limits as well. Every hour limit should have corresponding color code or a blank string to leave the cards color untouched.

  1. By default, this Mashup only affects Requests of type 'Issue' and 'Question'. Modify the this.includeIdeas section and set it to 1 if cards for Requests of type 'Idea' should also be affected by this Mashup.
  2. By default, this Mashup works with Requests that are in the first workflow state only. If you require all states to be processed, modify this.includeInitialStateOnly section and set it to 0 in the mashup code.

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