License status page

Licensing information can be checked under Settings → License page.

This page is available to Administrators only.

The License page lists the following details:

  • Account URL address
  • Company name
  • License Key
  • Current pricing Plan terms and expiration date
  • Users, Entities counters


Paid plans limit the maximum active users count in your system.

To browse the full list of active users, we recommend you to create a special People management view from a template or a dedicated Custom Report. If you have no idea whether your employees have actually been using Targetprocess and if you would like to know how intensively the tool has been used, you may want to observe Last Login Date details as well.

If you have users that are no longer part of your project team, you may consider deactivating them rather than deleting and free up licenses for new active users. See How to manage User accounts and Active and Inactive users articles if you need to deactivate or activate user accounts or find how many active and inactive users are registered now in your account.

Instead of deleting users completely, we recommend you make users inactive. When you delete a user from an account, you will lose history information about past assignments and items ownership. These details may be valuable for accurate reporting and tracking purposes.

Free plan terms and limitations

An account with a free plan activated has an unlimited maximum active users count. In the meantime, there is a limit for entities count listed on the Pricing page. The License page helps you to find out how many entities you have used.


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