Project Portfolio Budget Management | User Guide

Budget Management

Managing budget is an integral part of portfolio management. Targetprocess provides support for custom budget calculations.

In the default solution you can see the following budget metrics available:

  • Allocated Budget - how much has been allocated to a project
  • Spent Budget - how much money has already been spent
  • Remaining Budget - an automatically calculated value (Allocated Budget - Spent Budget)
  • Forecasted Budget - an automatically calculated value ((100% - Progress) * Spent Budget / Progress) + Spent Budget. It is a forecast to show how much money will have been spent on a project based on the current progress and amount of money already spent

Views in this solution

Add the solution

This solution can be added from the Solutions Gallery, which is always available from the “Create” button in the bottom left menu of Targetprocess.  If you are an on-site customer, the Solutions Gallery mashup has to be installed before you can add a solution.

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