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Active and Inactive Users

You can add as many users as you have licenses. If someone leaves your company, you may want to make the user license available for another company employee. Deactivate an account of the gone user and create an active account for the new one.

Not a reader? Watch the video to learn more about How to Activate and Deactivate Users in Targetprocess.

We recommend to deactivate users instead of delete their accounts completely. It makes easier to see data related to these users in reports and audit history logs.

How to deactivate or activate user accounts?

Activate and deactivate actions can be performed by Administrators or users with Edit User permission of Default role.

Please, find the card on one of the following predefined views: People, People by Project, People by Team. If you don't have such views, create a view showing you people as cards. All active accounts in the system are listed there by default.

Double-click the card with user details and open the Account Settings tab.

Remove the checkmark from the Active checkbox and press Update Settings.

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Last login date

It could happen that you have bought a lot of licenses, and have no idea whether your employees have actually been using Targetprocess. You may also want to know how intensively the tool has been used. The Last Login Date feature sheds some light on the problem and serves as a helpful report.

How to display inactive user accounts?

Most of the default views are configured to show only active accounts. This is done by using a special Filter that is set for this purpose. To have a view show inactive users as well, you should toggle this filter off from the view settings. Click the Filter on button from the view Setup tab to toggle the Filter off. Cards for inactive users will now appear on the view.

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You can also use the filter

?IsActive is false

to show cards for inactive users only.

Count of active and inactive users

  • How to retrieve a number of active and inactive users quickly?
  • Run the following REST API query in your web browser:{active:Count(isActive == true and DeleteDate == Null),inactive:Count(isActive == false and DeleteDate == Null),total:Count(DeleteDate == Null)}

It will give you totals in the following form:


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