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Pending Orders

If you have increased license count in the Subscriptions area or if automated renewal of your current subscription has failed, the Pending Orders area will contain an outstanding order (indicated by a red badge next to Pending Orders menu item).

a pending order

Note that when you increase your license count in the middle of your billing cycle, the system will pro-rate the price for new licenses to match the consolidated renewal date. Price reduction will be indicated in red in the price column.

To proceed, press Pay. If you have not yet entered your billing and/or card details, you will be prompted to do it now. For details on entering billing and payment information refer to Billing Details guide article.

paying a pending order

After ticking the Terms and Conditions checkbox, press Confirm to submit the order.

Once the payment is processed you can download the invoice for your records. Invoices for your previous purchases can be downloaded in the Purchase History area.

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