Lean and Kanban flow efficiency

Shows cycle time distribution for completed user stories, features, bugs, tasks, requests within a certain time frame.

This chart helps to make realistic forecasts.

Analyzing User Story or Bug development flow.

Lead Time and Cycle Time are two useful metrics for understanding how long it takes for work items to be completed. Lead Time is the difference between the moment when an item is created and the moment when the item enters its Final

Available since Targetprocess v.3.10.0 A Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows how much work is in any given state within a particular interval of time. You can use a CFD to find out how much work is done, ongoing, and in

This guide describes how to create Lead and Cycle Time report in Targetprocess using Custom Graphical Reports module. Older version of Lead and Cycle Time report was available as predefined one till Targetprocess v3.10.4. However since v3.10.5 the report is