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Relations Network Diagram

Relations in Targetprocess are used to manage dependencies between work items. Relations Network Diagram helps to visualize the existing connections.

To access this chart, please navigate main (top) menu -> Reports -> Relations Network.

Relations Network Diagram. Image 1

To see relations right on board, list, timeline views use Actions > Relations > Show button instead of browsing Relations Network Diagram.

From this report you can easily see what affects what, and benefit from that. For example, you stumble on a bug somewhere in the middle of your backlog, and this bug is tied to some user story. Okay, nothing special, you probably have hundreds of bugs. However, if you switch to the Relations Network report, you’ll see that there’s also a request from a potential V.I.P. customer and you can increase your chances of securing a great deal by fixing this bug sooner. Looks like it’s about time to re-prioritize your backlog, hah?

This report also becomes especially useful if there’s a sequence of work items that need to be completed in a particular order:

Relations Network Diagram. Image 2

If you do not like the default layout for the cards, you can easily rearrange them by drag-n-drop. Positions of cards are not saved.

This report is pretty easy to use. Here’s the “what is what” chart, it opens if you click Relations Network Diagram. Image 3:

Relations Network Diagram. Image 4

In the Chart Settings tab you can pick the entity types you would like to see in the chart. Pay attention to the Only with relations checkbox: it can prove to be very helpful if you have many standalone items.

Relations Network Diagram. Image 5

The same DSL filters that you use when creating a View are used in Reports.

The Relations Network report only shows the connections from the Relations tab. It does not show parent-child relations, e.g. parent user stories and child tasks. Backlog item: 'Natural' relations in relations network

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