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Recent Activity Log and Audit History

Creating a report that shows the end date of a workflow step for single or multiple work items.

Where can I see the activity on my tasks? The ones I'm owner of or assigned to. For the moment we only have plans to implement such a feature. However there are several helpful views and widgets in Targetprocess

Every Targetprocess user has faced the challenge of quickly finding some entity which they recently viewed or modified. To simplify this process, we've added a special My Recent selection to the views list so you can quickly find the

Viewing a history report with filters set by entity / modifier / date range.

Shows recent activity timeline: new comments, new entities, status updates for User Stories, Tasks and Bugs.

This report helps us to determine how many times a work item(s) have been moved into particular workflow state(s). The report can be created with the help of recently released Historical Reports. This feature is still in the experimental (beta) stage

The only way to get actual information about User Story, Bug or Task completeness is to ask the developer. Targetprocess does exactly that. When a developer adds a time record, he should enter a remaining time value as

The examples of how you can benefit from the Last Login Date feature