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Reports and filters for dates of state changes

Sometimes you require to run a report that shows the end date of a workflow step for every work item, thus displaying, for instance, when a User Story or Bug did complete ‘In Progress’ phase and flowed into ‘Coded’ phase. Luckily, several Targetprocess built-in features make it possible.

Tabular reports for historical modifications

If you require to obtain a list of several work items with their states change dates, Custom Reports can definitely address this need. So far details of State Change events can be tracked for User Stories, Tasks, Features, Epics, Bugs and Requests.

Custom Report for State changes history by date

By looking at one particular History record it's not possible to determine which exact field was changed. In order to understand what field was changed you have to compare this History record with the older History records of the same Entity.

To create a Custom Report, follow the steps below, please:

  1. Go to Reports -> Tabular Reports
  2. Click Create new tabular report link
  3. Choose All Processes
  4. Choose the top level entity for the report. The following data sources for the corresponding item types are available so far:
    • User Story History
    • Task History
    • Feature History
    • Epic History
    • Bug History
    • Request History
  5. On Columns tab, mark the checkboxes for the details you require. We recommend you to display the following columns with main details:
    • Main Entity -> Date
    • Entity State -> Name
    • Modifier -> First Name, Last Name
    • User Story -> ID, Name

    More additional fields are supported in the meantime. You’ll be able to modify your report further and add any of them, if needed.

  6. On Filters tab, add a filter to include changes to some selected particular state into your report. Follow the steps: Add Criteria-> EntityState : Name , equal to, Coded . You can apply a combination of several filters there. For instance, filters by Date range, Modifier, Release, Iteration, and some details of a work item are supported.
    Filters for History report

    Summary columns and Inner lists are not supported by this report.

  7. On Settings tab, give your Report a name, Save and Run it.

Here is the output of your Report. You’re welcome to reorder columns, sort records by any column ascending or descending, Print the report or Export it to a CSV file for further processing by any spreadsheet editor too, e.g. MS Excel.

Custom Report for State changes history by date

View filters

It is possible to set up a view with only work items that have changed their state to a selected one within specified time range displayed. For example, let's set up a view showing you Bugs that have come to  Coded state within last 7 days. Apply the following filter and get a result as shown on the screenshot below:

?History.Where(EntityState.Name is 'Coded' and Date >= Today-7(days)) and not (History.Where(EntityState.Name is 'Coded' and Date < Today-7(days)))

History DSL filter

If you need to see which stories were moved from open state this week:

?StartDate >=Today-7(days)

The same for closed stories:

?EndDate >=Today-7(days)

Optionally, you can display stories that were modified this week, any changes included:

?History.Where(Date >=Today-7(days))

Filtering cards by the date of the last state change

Do you want to filter your cards by the date of their last state change? Starting from version 3.9.1 you can use the LastStateChangeDate field for filtering and visual encoding.

For example: Let's say you want to see bugs or user stories which have been stuck in the 'In Dev' state for more than 2 weeks. Just use

?LastStateChangeDate < Today - 14(days) and EntityState.Name == 'In Dev'

Filtering cards by the date of the last state change

REST API queries for historical records

It is possible to use REST API to retrieve raw details about data modifications. See description of History API on our Developers portal.

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