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Filters in Tabular Reports

You can set filtering for tabular reports either or both by the properties of a main entity and the properties of related entities.

Go to the Filters tab, as you create/edit a tabular report. The following operators are available:

Field typeOperatorsExamples
Numeric and date fields:
  • equal to
  • not equal to
  • greater than
  • less than
  • greater than or equal to
  • less than or equal to
  • Iteration:ID | equal to | 244
  • Start date | greater than | today-7
  • Last Comment date | less than or equal to | 01-Dec-2011
Text fields:
  • equal to
  • not equal to
  • contains
  • not contains
  • Assigned User:Login | equal to | Kate
  • Description | not contains | some word
Boolean fields:
  • equal to
  • not equal to
  • Entity State:Is Final | equal to | True
  • Assigned User: Is Administrator | equal to | False

For Date, you can either pick a date from the calendar, or use the 3 canned values:


Here’s an example. A report with this filter will show only the bugs created over the last week:

Targetprocess Image

More examples. Filter by Iteration: Name to show User Stories from the backlog:

Targetprocess Image

Filter out the entities tagged “urgent”:

Targetprocess Image

To find entities with Tag having two or more words (space separated) put the whole search phrase into single quotes.

Example: Tags / contains / 'two words'

This filter will show the bugs from Active projects only:

Targetprocess Image

All filters are combined with AND rules. It is not possible to combine two different filters using OR condition.

Filters for blank values


Special keyword null is used to filter entities by blank value in the Description field.

AssignableDescription | equal to | nullentities with blank description
AssignableDescription | not equal to | nullall entities but ones with blank description

Custom Field values

Special keywords null or empty are used to filter entities by blank value set or selected in a Custom Field.

Custom Field Name | equal to | empty

Custom Field Name | not equal to | null

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