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Time List

Time List view is recommended view to see your time records. On this view each time record is represented as a row or a card. Records can be grouped, sorted, filtered, and highlighted when needed.

Time List. Image 1

The view should be configured once by Administrator; further it can be opened by any Targetprocess user.

Besides lists, you can create Board views that display Time records as cards.

Time List. Image 2

Grouping, filtering, and highlighting time records

You can group Time records by User (Person), Spent Date, Worked On (User Story, Task, Bug, Request etc.), Project and you can filter or sort them as you like.

In the example below Time records are grouped by Project > Worked On hierarchy levels. Advanced Filter by Worked On level is applied in order to hide 'No work item' rows, done items, requests and entities without time spent entries.

?it is not None and EntityState.IsFinal is false and EntityType is not 'Request' and Times.Count > 0

Grouping, filtering, and highlighting time records

Time List. Image 4

More on the filters: Filters for Time List views and visual reports.

Editing Time records

Time List view is interactive. In the list mode, there are buttons that allow you to correct each time record and delete it if needed.

Editing Time records

New time records cannot be added inline on the view. Add time entries from detailed views of work items instead.

Export View

Also Time List allows you to build, copy and export into CSV file a detailed report by Time Spent records. More information: How to export data into a CSV file

How to create and customize Time List view

List Mode

To create Time List view from scratch, in the left navigation menu please click + CreateList.

List Mode

Create the view from the blank template.

Select Time as cards and Person as the hierarchy level:

Time List. Image 7

See Time cards grouped by person:

Time List. Image 8

Board Mode

To create Time List board view from scratch, in the left navigation menu please click + CreateBoard.

Board Mode

Create the view from the blank template.

Select Time as cards and Person as the lane:

Time List. Image 10

See Time cards grouped by person:


Apply Filters and Visual Encoding

To filter out records which have been posted in the last three days, apply the following Advanced filter:

?Date >= Today - 2(days)

More examples of other Advanced Filters that can be applied to the Time records can be found in the dedicated article.

Customize Cards

Using Customize cards you can select which columns and in what order should be displayed for each time record:

Customize Cards

Further Reading

See how to track Daily Progress of your team and see recent Time records arranged by day and work item. Build Daily Time Remain Trends visual report to check whether remaining time decreases or not per each work item.

Check out other Time Spent Reports available in Targetprocess.

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