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Visual Reports

The Visual Reports Editor features a comfortable drag-n-drop interface, a powerful formulas editor for custom calculations, the ability to aggregate fields, add annotations and milestones, compare and explore data, and dig down for low level details.

Sometimes, you might need to add additional fields to a chart based on your own custom formulas. Our Visual Reports Editor has a built-in formula editor which allows you to create formulas based on a variety of mathematical, text, and date operations.

Tooltips in Targetprocess Visual Reports show low-level details of selected data. Browse and filter chart data using the built-in visual editor UI. When you hover over any graphical element, a tooltip popup will appear. Press the Data button to reveal

Legend in Targetprocess Visual Reports shows labels of data categories. Several categories in the legend can be selected, and changes will be reflected on the chart.

Let's dive into the basics of built-in report calculations within Visual Reports. These operations allow us to use much more powerful techniques for data manipulation and aggregation, compared to the standard Targetprocess formulas. We'll explain below why this is so.

Historical Data Basics Manually creating a historical report requires a deep understanding of Targetprocess data’s structure. This structure is more or less clear in the case of entities, because you already work with this data regularly. On the other