Visual Reports

The breakdown of bugs by state for a project, with states changing over time.

The Visual Reports Editor features a comfortable drag-n-drop interface, a powerful formulas editor for custom calculations, the ability to aggregate fields, add annotations and milestones, compare and explore data, and dig down for low level details.

Sometimes, you might need to add additional fields to a chart based on your own custom calculations. Our Visual Reports Editor has a built-in formula editor which allows you to create calculations based on a variety of mathematical, text, and date operations.

Targetprocess Visual Reports can be enhanced by adding milestones or threshold lines. Annotations can be used when there is a need to highlight some important numbers, for example, a critical bugs count: Milestones can be added to the date axis to highlight

Historical Data Basics Creating a historical report manually requires a deep understanding of Targetprocess data’s structure. This structure is more or less clear in the case of entities, because you already work with this data while using Targetprocess. On

This report helps us to determine how many times a work item(s) have been moved into particular workflow state(s). The report can be created with the help of recently released Historical Reports. This feature is still in the experimental (beta) stage

Here we describe examples of Advanced Filters that help to select, hide or highlight Time entries in your Time List views and Visual Reports by Time Spent. The filters below rely on the properties of Time entity. Entity Filter Result Time ?User.FirstName is

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