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Custom Field values summary on Timeline

When you plan your backlog and define planned dates for the future work you may be interested in building a timeline-based report for your backlog. Timeline calculation feature makes such reporting possible. It is possible to build a report showing totals based on numeric custom field values, distributed on a timeline with daily, weekly, monthly or less precise resolution according to the planned dates of the entities.

We'll now create a Visual Report for future time period that will display monthly totals of two custom field values for Epics.

Custom Field values summary on Timeline. Image 1

Creation of the dataset

  • Setup two numeric custom fields for Epics. Let them have names "Dev Resources" and "QA Resources".
  • Create two epics, E1 and E2. Fill in planned start dates, planned end dates, and values of the two custom fields in each epic.

    Creation of the dataset

  • [Optional] Set up list view or timeline view for Epics. Customize cards so that values of the custom fields can be observed.

    Creation of the dataset. Image 3

    Creation of the dataset. Image 4

Configuration of the Report

  • Click +Create > Report to start building new Visual report.

    Configuration of the Report

  • Create report from Blank template.

    Configuration of the Report. Image 1

  • We recommend to use the following Sources settings as initial ones:

    • Source type: Entity Reports
    • Projects and teams: the ones you're interested in
    • Entities: Epics

    Configuration of the Report. Image 2

  • Click on Horizontal axis in order to add Calculation for it. Use the following formula:

    TIMELINE([Planned Start Date],[Planned End Date])

    Configuration of the Report. Image 3

  • Set up proper grouping for resolution of dates. Say in this use case we'll report totals monthly:

    Configuration of the Report. Image 4

  • In the vertical axis, define fields across which totals should be calculated. The following options are supported:

    • Count of entities
    • SUM(Effort)
    • SUM(Numeric Custom Field Name)

    In our use case we'll use the following two calculations:

    SUM(Dev Resources)
    SUM(QA Resources)

    We display values for two different custom fields in the same chart. In order to split areas we switch chart type to Stacked Bar chart.

    Configuration of the Report. Image 5

  • Almost done! Give unique name to your report and press Finish setup button.

Here is how the created chart looks like:

Custom Field values summary on Timeline. Image 1

Further customization

Using ID or Name field as the Color option we can show each work item in the same stacked bar chart:

Further customization

Further customization. Image 8

Learn More

In order to ensure that a report displays all your data properly please learn more about our recommendations, best usage practices and known issues related to reports of this kind. More information: Visual Reports with Timeline data aggregation

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