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Public Visual Reports with expired access tokens

This troubleshooting article describe how to solve an issue when an owner of a Visual Report can no longer access the data required for it.

Each report has an Owner: a person who originally created it. Personal access token of the Owner user is embedded into the report and used for access to data source further.

Sometimes personal tokens become expired which breaks all reports that use them. Make sure your important public reports have valid tokens embedded.

Here is why personal access token may become expired:

  • The user was deactivated
  • The user changed his/her Targetprocess password

Both these actions make all public or custom shared reports that have been created by the user broken. Such reports cannot be updated anymore. In this case all report viewers see the following warning message: Report owner can no longer access data required for this report.

Public Visual Reports with expired access tokens. Image 1

Report creators who are active users can fix the reports by themselves without requesting help from Administrators. For this purpose they should open at least one of their public visual reports and press Update now link inside. The action rewrites personal access token in all visual reports created by these users.

When a report owner is deactivated or deleted, the report cannot be fixed by themselves. Fortunately, the issue can be resolved by any Administrator who has access to the broken report.

If Administrator has no access to the broken report and its settings please grant proper permissions in advance. Include Administrator to the list of members of Project or Team with whom the report is shared.

Administrators who have access to a broken report and its settings can fix it and replace embedded access tokens with their own ones. Special message is displayed for this purpose:

Public Visual Reports with expired access tokens. Image 2

After the fix all the broken reports become available again.

This troubleshooting action changes embedded access tokens only. Ownership over the report is not transferred.

Public Visual Reports with expired access tokens. Image 3

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