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Visual Reports Refresh Interval

  • How often does a Visual Report refresh the data displayed?
  • Data in each Visual Report is updated immediately when the first viewer opens the report in a web browser tab. Further the report is updated every 1 hour (Entity Reports) and every 4 hours (Historical Reports). The second and next viewers of the same report see the same data the first viewer does, and get updates simultaneously with the first viewer.

A viewer can click the Update now icon to get fresh data sooner than the next scheduled update. The report becomes updated for all the current viewers.

This on-demand method of updates allows the system to work faster, as the data are stored in cache and loaded from there.

The data fields list is updated permanently. When custom process terms are renamed or process custom fields are added, the changes are reflected in the data fields list  right away.

Please contact our Support Team if you notice that your reports are not updated automatically.

It is not possible to customize refresh interval so far.

There is no Update button for Any Report widget on Dashboards at the moment.

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