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How to manage Requesters

Requester is a special entity in Targetprocess that represents an external user. It can be a person who submitted a Request, voted for the public Request or was mentioned in the CC of an email message. Read more on how it works in Targetprocess.

Administrators, Customer Care Managers and Support Agents can manage Requesters. It is possible to add, delete, modify them, assign to Requests or un-assign them.

View Requesters

The easiest way to see the list of Requesters is to create a view showing Requesters as cards:

How to manage Requesters. Image 1

It is possible to apply filters to Requesters cards, for example:

?CreateDate > today - 365(days)

- created this year


- last name starts with 'D'

?Phone is none

- phone field not specified

You can also add new Requesters using this view.

To see the list of Requesters and their Requests you can create the View where Requests are Cards and Requesters are lanes:

How to manage Requesters. Image 2

It is possible to create new Requesters, Requests, and reassign Requests to a different Requester using this view.

Another way to attach/detach Requesters is to open full-screen view of a Request and then browse Requesters tab:

How to manage Requesters. Image 4

Edit Requester

Click a Requester's name to open a full-screen view with her details.

How to manage Requesters. Image 5


Browse Account Settings tab. Modify Requester’s details such as name, email address, phone, Company.

How to manage Requesters. Image 7

Self-registration of Requesters

Settings of Service Desk portal make possible to allow or disable registration of new users by themselves via Service Desk sign up form. Two options are available:

  • New users can register on their own
  • All new accounts must be created by an administrator from inside Targetprocess

Self-registration of Requesters

This selection affects Service Desk sign-up form only and does not prohibit creation of requesters via other channels (that is, from emails).

Import Requesters

It is possible to bulk import accounts for Service Desk requesters. More information: Import Requesters from CSV file.

Creation of Requesters from incoming email

When inbound email integration is enabled, new requesters can be created in Targetprocess using From: and CC: fields of incoming emails by email integration plugin. More information: How to set up Inbound Email Integration.

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