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Automatic assignment of new Requesters to Companies

Companies in Targetprocess helps to split visibility areas in the integrated Service Desk so that clients from different companies would not see each other requests, products, and backlog items. Requesters can be assigned to Companies manually and automatically. In this article we describe rules and settings for automatic assignment.

Targetprocess matches Requesters to a Company by their email. Newly added Requesters are assigned to one of the known Companies if a domain part of their email addresses matches domain part of a hostname in the Company website address (URL).

Here is how it works:

Say you set up the Company's website as

Automatic assignment of new Requesters to Companies

Next, a Request comes from a user with email address ending with (e.g. If such user is not registered in Targetprocess yet then the new requester account with email is created by inbound email integration plugin. Newly created requester becomes assigned to the proper Company automatically.

It also works same way with self sign-up of new requesters via Service Desk portal and with importing new requesters from CSV files.

Once you add or edit a Company, existing Requesters are not assigned to it automatically. Reassign them manually when required.

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