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Easiest way to Delete trial data

What is the easiest way to delete trial data from an account? Will Remove Sample Data action delete my trial data? Or I can only delete my trial data manually, item by item?

Remove Sample Data

It is possible to remove all predefined artifacts. The following article describes the steps needed to remove Sample Projects, Processes and Users from your database.


However, this action doesn't delete the data created during trial period which includes:

  • User accounts
  • Projects, Teams and other Entities
  • Views, Folders and Reports

Therefore, sometimes it is not enough to remove the sample data. The manual cleanup of the trial data can be still required.

Start from scratch

Besides Remove Sample Data we also provide the option to Start from scratch. The account becomes reverted to the initial blank state with no any users, projects and processes added. Your trial data will no longer be there. However, you'll need to invite all your users into project team once again.

Contact our Support team if you would like to request the full cleanup of your trial account.

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