How to manage Tags

You can apply the following actions to Tags:

  • View Tags
  • Filter entities by assigned Tags
  • Assign a Tag to multiple items
  • Add new Tags
  • Rename Tags
  • Merge Tags
  • Delete Tags

We have completely reworked the Tags section in System Settings in Targetprocess v3.11.0 release. All actions were made more clear and simple. Tags are no longer grouped by Projects and Bundles.

View Tags

To view all Tags and the entities they are assigned to, create a new Board view with 'Tags' selected as rows.


The List view mode is supported as well:


A number of Filters can be applied to Tags as Lanes. Say, you can exclude first 'No Tags' row with a help of the following lane filter:

?it is not None


Type a text pattern into the filter box to filter out only the Tags that contain that text in the names:

tags-filter-textThe following examples of Advanced Filters can help you work with Tags:

Tags?Generals.Count == 0Tags that are not used in entities
Tags?Generals.Count > 0Tags that are used in entities
Tags?Generals.Count == 1Tags that are used just once
Tags?Generals.Count >= 10Popular tags that are used 10 times or more

Tags in Targetprocess are case-insensitive. 'UX' and 'ux' refer to the same tag.

Assign a Tag to multiple items

On a Board view, select multiple cards (entities) and use the Change Tags action to add a Tag to all these entities.


  1. Select several cards on a Board view by dragging a rectangle over them with your mouse, or by clicking them one by one with the Ctrl / Cmd key pressed
  2. Right click on the selected cards and select the Change Tags action in the dropdown menu
  3. A window showing the already assigned Tags common to all the selected entities will appear
  4. Input the Tag you'd like to assign to all the selected cards and press the Add button
  5. Success! Previously assigned tags are preserved and the new Tag is added to all selected entities

If you drag and drop the cards to the lane (row or column) representing a Tag, then Tags previously assigned to the cards are reset and replaced with the newly selected Tag.

Filter entities by assigned Tags

These Advanced Filters are helpful when you set up a view with entities (such as User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Features etc.) and the assigned Tags they have.

The filters should be applied to Assignable entities themselves (cards), and not to Tags (lanes).

Tags.Count == 0Entities with no Tags assigned
Tags.Count > 0Entities with at least one Tag assigned
“plugin” in Tags

Tags.Where(Name is "plugin")

Entities with the “plugin” Tag. The Tag should contain this exact single word
“plugin” not in Tags

not Tags.Where(Name is "plugin")

Negative filter. Entities that don't have“plugin” as their Tag.
Tags.Where(Name.Contains("chrome"))Entities with Tags that include the word “Chrome”  as part of their Tag. For example:

  • "Chrome"
  • "Chrome 48"
  • "tested in Chrome"
not Tags.Where(Name.Contains("chrome"))A negative filter. Entities not having "Chrome" word included into any assigned tag.
("chrome" in Name or "chrome" in Description or "chrome" in Tags) and EntityState.IsInitial is TrueExample of a complex filter with a combination of several cases
Tags.Where(Name is "chrome") and Tags.Where(Name is "urgent")Entities that have both the "chrome" and "urgent" Tags assigned
Tags.Where(Name is "chrome") and not Tags.Where(Name is "urgent")Entities that have the "chrome" Tag assigned but not the "urgent" Tag
Tags.Where(Name is "chrome" or Name is "urgent")Entities that have either the "chrome" or "urgent" Tags assigned

You're welcome to learn more about Advanced Filters in our User Guide.

Add new Tags

There are two ways for a new Tag to appear in the system:

  • when you edit an entity (such as a User Story, Task, Bug, Feature, Epic etc.) and add a new Tag to it
  • when you manually add a Tag using the Tag Management settings page

Tag Management page

Tags Management page is accessible by Administrators only.

To perform actions with Tags, go to Settings → Tags:

This page contains a list of all Tags from all Projects. You can use the search field to filter Tags by name. You can also select Tags by checking the checkbox next to their name. When you select a Tag, a number will be displayed that indicates the number of entities that have this Tag.

Add Tag

You can manually add Tags using the "Add tag" button. To do that, click the"Add tag" button, type in new the new Tag name, and press "Enter".


Rename Tag

You can rename Tags using the Tag Management page. Select desired Tag by checking the checkbox next to its name. Then click the "Rename tag" button.


Type in new tag name and press "Enter" to save your changes.


Merge Tags

You can merge multiple Tags. A common scenario for this operation is when you have multiple Tags that mean the same thing, or perhaps some of them have typos.

To merge Tags, first select them by checking the checkbox next to their names and clicking the "Merge X tags" button.


Then, choose the correct tag name and click the "Merge" button to merge them.


Delete Tags

To delete Tags, select them by checking the checkbox next to their names, and then click the "Delete X tags" button.



Sometimes it is not possible to merge, rename or delete Tags. Should this happen, please request assistance from our Support team.

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