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Inactive Projects

Any Project that is complete and not required for fast access at the moment can be archieved. Inactive projects become hidden from users but still reside in the database.

We recommend deactivate projects and do not completely delete them for audit reasons. Deactivation and activation is usually performed by Administrators and Project Managers.

To deactivate a project or activate it back, edit Project details and under Info panel on the right side click on Active? checkbox icon.

Project is ActiveInactive Projects. Image 1
Project is InactiveInactive Projects. Image 2

Inactive projects are not shown:

  • In Projects and Teams selector, under parent Program
  • On Projects & Teams tab in personal profiles
  • On Projects tab of assigned Teams
  • On Projects tab of assigned Releases
  • In lookup controls that allow to create or assign entities to projects

Inactive Projects as cards on views

Inactive projects are still displayed in the view where Project is selected as cards - for Administrators, Project members, members of Teams assigned to the Project, users of type Observer and Contributor.

Inactive Projects as cards on views

Learn how inner view filters applied to cards affect displayed projects:

ProjectInactive Projects. Image 4Both active and inactive projects are shown
Project?IsActive is TrueOnly active projects are shown.
Project?IsActive is FalseOnly inactive projects are shown

Default filter for predefined views with Projects displays active ones only:

?IsActive is True

Because of this filter you may often struggle with searching for inactive projects. To change inner saved filter, you should either modify settings of existing view or clone a view and modify settings of copied one. Use Actions > Set up view buttons, then open Setup tab to change inner saved filter for your view.

Access to entities in Inactive Projects

Entities from inactive projects are still available by direct links, from My Recent, from Timesheet.

Entities in Inactive Projects can be modified by Administrators with full control access and Project members, users of type Observer and Contributor according to their roles and permissions. Same permission are also provided within REST API queries.

Work hierarchy tab of inactive projects does not show existing entities in the project and does not allow add new ones.

To restrict actions of assigned users in inactive projects, change their roles to the ones with more limited permissions in project membership list.

Inactive Projects in reports

Inactive Projects and entities from them are shown in custom Tabular Reports - for Administrators, Project members, users of type Observer and Contributor.

Inactive Projects and entities from them are not shown in Visual Reports because of projects and teams selector filtering applied for any type of user.

Make a Project active again

Inactive projects can be activated:

  • By Administrators
  • By Project members, if their Role in this Project has "Add/Edit Project" permission
  • By Contributors, if their Default Role has "Add/Edit Project" permission

Find a card for a Project on the view that shows inactive Projects. Double-click a card, then in Info panel on the right side switch Active? checkbox to True.

Additional information

Inactive projects are always shown in Process Setup settings.

Search for keywords within entities in inactive projects is not available at the moment. We plan to make it possible in future.

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